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Frequently asked questions

  • What is PILATES?
  • Pilates is a body conditioning routine that seeks to build flexibility, strength, endurance and coordination without adding muscle bulk.

    It improves mental and physical well being, increases flexibility and strengthens muscles through controlled movements done as mat exercises.

    Pilates focuses on building your body's core strength and improving your posture through a series of low repetition low impact stretching and conditioning exercises.

    By core strength, we are talking about the back, abdominal and pelvic muscles. Through Pilates, you will be able to develop these muscles without adding bulk, and at the same time toning your stomach and thigh muscles.

    Joseph H Pilates, the founder of the Pilates exercise method believed that our physical and mental health are intertwined and the principles that support this philosophy including concentration, precision, control, breathing and flowing movements.

    Pilates is particularly safe for those with back problems, is medically approved and recommended by physiotherapists and osteopaths.

  • What condition do I need to be in before starting my Pilates training?
  • Pilates is suitable for all fitness levels, body types and ages. However, as with any new exercise routine we recommend that you get the approval of your doctor first. Pilates isn't just for the people who want to be fit and trim: it was also designed especially for people who need extra help for recovery.
  • What do I do between Pilates sessions?
  • Try to work out 2-4 times a week, taking a day off in between sessions to rest or enjoy some kind of cardiovascular activity (walking, bicycling, swimming). This kind of regular, consistent practice will help you make the mind-body connection and integrate the various Pilates principles. You should start seeing and feeling results in about 10 to15 sessions.
  • Will I lose weight through Pilates exercises?
  • In essence, Pilates exercise is not a cardiovascular workout and burning calories is not it's main focus. However, in conjunction with a sensible diet and some cardio work such as brisk walking, bicycling, aerobics or swimming, Pilates can factor into a weight loss program.

    Pilates exercises help strengthen, sculpt and tone the body while building long, lean muscles. Whether the number on the scale goes down or not, you will tend to look and feel better through continued Pilates practice.

  • Can Pilates help me overcome back pain?
  • The causes of back pain are very varied. I have had great success in the rehabilitation of clients who have suffered from back pain due to muscle imbalances, inefficient posture, post-operative and postnatal pain.

  • What kind of facility and atmosphere should I expect?
  • All workouts are 60 minutes long and are in our indoor, private, women only personal training gym. It’s well ventilated and heated and is an inspiring, fun, and motivating place to work out in. There is also a changing room and a shower where you can wash up and change your clothes before and after your workout. Special foam padded mats are available which are soft and easy on your knees, back and all of your joints. It’s awesome, unique, and geared towards complete body transformation.
  • What do I need to bring with me for my workouts?
  • A good pair of athletic/running sneakers, or for Pilates, Bloch socks (recommended), comfortable and breathable workout clothing, a sense of “adventure” and a positive attitude. We provide the workouts, coaching, motivation, guidance, personal training, nutrition support and most of all... Results. All you have to do is get there, and we’ll guide you through the rest... all while having fun with fat burning workouts.
  • What if I am not in good shape?
  • We initially assess clients to establish your fitness and working heart rate levels. After assessment we know your limits and never let you do anything we believe to be out of your comfort zone or too strenuous.


    If you have any more questions we will be more than happy to answer them just send us an E-mail.