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"Tali, just to say thank you so much for a wonderful pilates class today. You have opened up my mind to a new way of taking care of myself. Again many thanks. It was superb."Alison, Borehamwood
"I have been attending Tali`s Pilates classes for the last few weeks and can feel marked improvement. Tali is an excellent instructor and is really very good! I will recommend her to all my friends with no hesitation!"Gill, East Barnet
"Tali is a very popular Pilates Instructor. Her classes are always full, and participants rave about; the quality of instruction; how hard they work; and the variety in class. Tali is exceptionally friendly, engaging and motivating – a total professional. Emma Godly, Development Director, Oxygen Fit "Emma Godly
"I have been on such a journey with Tali over the past 3 years, from the beginning where I wanted to loose a few pounds and get fitter, tone up and look my best for my wedding, to the present day whereby I am currently pregnant and still wish to train but at a less vigorous pace. Tali has been such a motivation to me, catering to all my needs along my journey, making each session different and fun but always working my core muscles and my weak spots. I now have definition in my arms- Thank you Tali "Lara Alexander
"Tali has been my personal trainer for about three years now and although I try to see her once a week I certainly notice it if I don't!! Exercise is not my favourite pastime but Tali makes it as enjoyable as possible and I can't believe how quickly the time goes. Each week she varies the workout either in her studio or at the local park. Tali is enthusiastic, friendly and professional at all times and I would thoroughly recommend her services to anyone."Karen
"Tali is a fantastic Pilates teacher. She is professional and has a thorough understanding of the body and how it functions. She knows how to adjust the exercises to each individuals. She also has a warm and friendly personality. As an osteopath, I recommend Tali to my patients with no hesitations."Sabine Vannavy Audibert
BSc (hons) Ost
Registered osteopath
"I have trained with Tali in Pilates and 'Stretch and Relax' classes and have found her to be extremely attentive and professional as well as a lot of fun: she makes a hard workout into a pleasurable hour."Rosemary
"I have been attending Tali’s classes on a Monday evening for a couple of years now and I can honestly say it is one of the highlights of my week. Tali pushes us all to the limit, but always with a big smile, and always makes sure to adapt exercises for those with injuries. Every class is different so it never gets boring. Personally I have seen significant improvements to my physical health since discovering pilates around 7 years ago; my back problems have almost resolved and I no longer need pain relief on a daily basis. Tali’s classes leave me feeling centred, grounded and ready to face to rest of the week."Kristina
"I've been doing personal training with Tali for two years now and it's been a revelation. Seeing Tali regularly has made me fitter and more toned, made my posture better and been very energizing. I really like the way she incorporates Pilates techniques into her training and she's very  good at finding new exercises to do, so it's always interesting. Above all, Tali loves teaching and this really comes across in her lessons, making them thoroughly enjoyable."Jenny, Windsor
"All those muscles that you were not aware of... you can count on Tali to help you discover them. Exercising with Tali is not a walk in park - it's more like a sprint around the park! Expect to work hard, but you will see results and, best of all, you will feel great after. Tali uses all her knowledge and experience to make sure that you're not only working hard, but also enjoying it. During her one to one sessions she combines exercise routines from different disciplines, like Pilates and others, to build a bespoke workout program most suitable for you."Yakir Zur, London
"I have been training with Tali for over two and half years. From the initial meeting clients are well assessed with specific notes taken. All medical issues are discussed together with personal goals. Sessions begun gently but with an emphasis on hard work and outcomes. All sessions contain cardiovascular training together with major muscles focus from head to foot. If any specific issues occur this area will be avoided until such time it is safe to resume. Constant monitoring and re-assessments occur combined with advice about the body and exercise. Pilates will take place during the session but will be well integrated into a professional programme. Two weekly sessions have definitely improved my health, stamina and fitness. I shall continue to train with Tali as she is extremely professional with an increasing knowledge of exercise and body. All sessions begin with stretches and conclude with stretching to avoid any future problems. Sessions are both varied and testing, well planned and managed."

"Tali is superb within her profession and clearly has her client's interests at heart. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any clarification and I give consent for Tali to pass on my details if needed."Sheri Berg